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Monday, June 22, 2009

Reviews - JBM Multimedia Keyboard

I am a working lady. So, in my office I worked daily 8-9 hours in front of the Computer. There I write lots of documents, and draw pictures, and browse the web, and send emails etc. So, the whole day I do only typing and using the mouse. Sometimes I fell bore to use the keyboard. So, I try a new keyboard which is adopted super-quality and high-flexibility silicon rubber, excellent feeling of force reaction. It is super thin keycap design, exquisite shape, comfortable to handle. The name of the product is - JBM Multimedia Keyboard.
It also greatly relaxes the arm muscles by incorporating the human body engineering design.

The keyboard special Features are - Keystroke Life: More than 10 million times. Keystroke force: 45=10/-5g. It has also 1 year warranty.
When I use this Keyboard I fell really happy and relax.
So, overall the keyboard is very good.


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